Affirmed Housing, Leading the Development of Supportive Housing, throughout California

Affirmed Housing is a leader in the development of supportive housing. Offering more than 667 apartment homes for formerly homeless throughout California, Affirmed’s portfolio boasts 10 new Supportive Housing communities at various stages of development and 11 completed and occupied Supportive Housing or Integrated Affordable Supportive Housing communities.  Affirmed began development of Supportive Housing in 2012 with the development of Connections Housing, located in downtown San Diego, the first Supportive Housing community in San Diego.

Affirmed’s experience in building Supportive Housing has created a depth of knowledge and expertise in both building Supportive Housing and implementing best practices to support both our residents and the local community. By making successful on-site partnerships between supportive services and property management, we ensure residents gain housing stability. 

Affirmed is a trusted leader in building successful, supportive housing, and has years of experience working with local stakeholders and partners to create vibrant and inclusive communities for the entire neighborhood. With more than 251 million dollars in funding secured, Affirmed’s ability to successfully execute Supportive Housing is evident in their track record.

Affirmed stands out by following best practices throughout design, development, construction, and operation and includes design features that take into account reducing trauma for residents.

 Exceptional Development of Supportive Housing

Pilot Housing Fair

As part of a streamlined effort to ensure vulnerable individuals get housed quickly, we partnered with the Regional Task Force on the Homeless and the San Diego Housing Commission to hold the first lease up housing fair in San Diego, creating a new model that is now utilized throughout the community for supportive housing lease up.

Efficient Lease Up

We have mastered the supportive housing lease up process, often achieving full-occupancy within two to three months of receiving Certificate of Occupancy.

A Welcoming Home

As our residents come from the streets with nothing, we find it important to furnish all apartments so residents have a bed, nightstand, desk, and space to store clothing. We work
with local partners, on-site service providers, and other donors to ensure each apartment comes furnished with basic necessities such as pots, pans, silverware, dishware, towels and bed sheets so that each resident moves into an apartment that feels like home.

Resident Input

We circulate annual surveys to our supportive housing residents to collect their input on services, property management, and the overall community. Using this feedback, we take lessons learned and implement them at our new developments moving forward, and identify opportunities for improvements at our existing communities. 


We utilize a combination of live monitoring and on-site guard security services to support resident safety.

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